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March 28, 2016

You've got questions, and I've got answers.
Curious to know more about me? I've packed my answers with loads of info to help satisfy even the most curious of cats.
So, What can I help you with?
Actually, I've got a different question.

Looking for answers about shipping, delivery and billing? Find them here.

Wanting to know more about my body scrub? Find out here.

Where are you made?

I’m made, assembled and packaged in Far North Queensland, Australia. All my ingredients are purchased here in Australia from leading brands chosen for their quality and purity of ingredients.

 bitchinskin was developed with the help of a well renowned leading beauty therapist with over 10 years experience working alongside industry leaders on world class cruise liners.

What is Matcha?

Im so glad you asked! It’s super-concentrated 100% pure green tea leaves, stone ground into a fine powder and traditionally consumed by Japanese Buddhist monks for over 900 years.

It’s 137x more antioxidant power than green tea and about 1/3 the amount of caffeine that coffee has but its effects last for up to six hours.

Matcha benefits are tremendous, about 10x the nutrient value of other teas, gives you an energy boost and keeps you alert while also feeling relaxed at the same time.

These teeny-tiny powder particles that get under your skin to detox it and target those pesky skin conditions. It also helps reduce inflammation, protect skin against sun damage and also slow down the skin ageing process.

My matcha comes from Matcha Maiden, who source certified-Japanese organic matcha from Kyoto, Japan.

You can find out more about how matcha will work for you here

Do you test on animals?

If you want to call my amazing team of bitches animals, then yes, I test on animals.

If your referring to the soft, fluffy, whiskered, tailed, feathered, or scaled animals, then no, I defiantly do not test on animals.

To put it bluntly though: I do not test on animals, only on willing humans. Nor do I support brands or suppliers who test on animals. Period.

Is it vegan friendly?

Hippie bitch much? Me too. All my ingredients are free from animal products and animal by-products.

My Vitamin e comes is naturally derived from soy beans and my Coconut oil is harvested from naturally grown coconut trees from the Banabas Island.

The only animal products in sight are those my mamma's cat plays with. Meow! 

Does it go off?

Unopened, I last up to 12 months when kept in a cool dry and dark place. Once you open me, I’ll stay good for another 2 - 4 months, so long as you seal me up after use and don’t get water in my bag. A good tip is to keep wet hands out of the bag and use a scoop instead.

My natural ingredients contain anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidants so I am with you for for a longish time, but as I don’t contain any artificial preservatives, parabens or synthetics, please toss me out after 6 months. I don't think Im going to be hanging around your place that long though.

If you live in a tropical location with high humidity and really hot weather, I’m most comfortable stored in the fridge.

Are you organic and all-natural?

So your an all-natural bitch? I’m also an all-natural bitch and mostly organic too. My organic ingredients are matcha, sencha green tea, coconut oil and sugar.

Don't worry though, even if it’s not labeled organic, you can be sure its premium. Take my sea salt for example - It’s not labeled as organic but it is naturally evaporated from sea water using no flowing agents or additives.

But what about your Vitamin e? Yep, even my Vitamin e is natural. Careful babe, many brands out there use synthetic Vitamin e as it’s about 1/3 of the cost of natural stuff. This can be irritating to sensitive bitches and cause even more breakouts later on. I'm made with naturally derived Vitamin e from soy beans.

No nasty chemicals, no fillers, no added water, no parabens, and no synthetic preservatives. Simply, if you wouldn't put it in your body, than you shouldn't put it on your body.

Peace-out bitches! 

Should I shave before or after scrubbing?

Before babe. Always before. Why? exfoliating before helps remove dead skin cells so you are not clogging up your razor and gives you a closer, smoother shave. It also helps to release any hairs just under the skin that might have turned into ingrown hairs. Scrubbing before will also help the razor glide over your skin.

Just make sure to wash me off well before your start to avoid getting an oil/ body scrub buildup in your razor blades and use a natural moisturise after.

Do you do collaborations?

"Behind every successful bitch is a team of bitches who have her back."

I'm a social girl and I love working with like minded bitches from around the world. If your interested in collaborating with me, send me an email at and tell me what you have in mind. 

I do get quite a lot of requests, so if I don't get back to you straight away, hang tight and I'll be with you as soon as I can. 

Do you ever do discounts or sales?

My beautiful bitches, a word of advice: Never sell yourself for less than your worth! When working out my cost, I chose to make myself as affordable as possible to you without compromising on the quality of ingredients I use. This means I’m already such a great deal and I wouldn’t hold out for any discounts.

I do love my bitches though and love running competitions. Head over to the competition section of my site to see whats currently going on and don't forget to sign up to my mailing list on the home page for updates and new product releases.

Is there something I've missed? Get in contact with me below to ask me about something about my body scrub. One of my team will do their best to help you out.

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