Stop sweat pimples this summer

December 06, 2015

Ripped shirts, short shorts and polkadot bikinis are the only things in your wardrobe now. But lets face it, summer has an ugly side. 

 Sweat Pimples. Summer is hot. You produce more oil when your hot. You also sweat more. Plus dead skin, fake tan and sunscreen (NOT OPTIONAL BABES!) help to block pores allowing bacteria to multiply and BOOM!. That sexy back has now got a couple of ugly heads rearing. Luckily, some good hygiene can help control these breakouts. 

3 essential tips to to combat sweat pimples this summer:

  1. Shower. The sooner the better. Hurry up and wash off that excess oil from whatever sweaty event you were doing (Like jogging. What were you thinking!). 
  2. Exfoliate. Yep. Scrub's up babes. Using a body scrub high in antibacterial properties to help remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to breath again. Aim to scrub 2 - 3 times per week.
  3. Wear clean clothes. (umm..Shopping excuse, YAY!). Sweat, dirt and grime build up in your clothes which can help lead to breakouts. 

That's it really. Oh, and water. Don't forget to drink plenty of water over the summer. 

Stay Bitchin' 


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