bitchinskin goes to Hollywood

October 05, 2016

Who: Over 150 Stars of TV Shows, Singers & Songwriters, Directors, and the Insta-Famous! 

What: A date with the hottest Celebrities of the 2016 Emmy® Awards

Where: W Hotel, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

When: 17 September 2016

What a C-R-A-Z-Y few weeks! In case you're not following all the latest gossip, I was one of 30 brands from around the world invited to mingle backstage with the stars of the 2016 Emmy® Awards as part of the Celebrity Connected ‘Honoring the Emmys®’ gifting suite.

Intro Scene:

So, lets set the scene here: It's 6:00am on the event day. A mix of jet-lag and adrenaline sets the mood for one bouncy, slightly neurotic boss-babe to set up the stall.

Location: Cray-town! Masses of boxes, trolleys and people scurrying everywhere to set up their displays. Time to put on my game face, and got ready to introduce the world’s biggest celebs to bitchinskin.

Just before show time, the table was all ready to go with no coconut, grape or bitchinskin packet out of place… then disaster struck...My wifi wouldn’t connect. How was I going to send sneaky Snapchats of all the hotties, and send live posts to all my Facebook friends?!?! (sorry babes!).

Time to set the mood:

All of a sudden, a loud explosion of music, and an MC boomed into the microphone, thanking everyone for coming and to get the good times rolling. Now this felt like Hollywood! 


The Plot:

The first celeb tempted to test me out was singer/songwriter Camryn, who is currently on-tour with Fifth Harmony (squee!). Obviously she looked at me like a crazy lady when I offered to rub weird green stuff on her hand, promising to leave it feeling softer than a baby’s bum. The verdict? She was an instant fan, and took home a whole pack to test out.

Next on the list, Richard Cabral, nominated for an Emmy® for “American Crime”, wandered up to me and he is such a babe! Total diamond in the rough, and ready to get down and dirty with bitchinskin. Another instant love-affair, even tweeting about us there and then. We also met Nikki Soohoo (Pretty Little Liars) who became an instant fan, Candy Washington (who nearly ate some!), and Kirsten Le from PowerPuff Girls went into fan-girl mode and was obsessing over how soft her skin felt. 

At the end of the day, we made over 100 new Celeb friends and fans, who, after testing me out, all took home a pack (or two!) of bitchinskin to rave about. So nominations are in and it's official: I really am the only BS these stars need.

It was so much fun to share my matcha love with these celebs, who were so excited about bitchinskin being jam-packed full of it (matcha, that is)! So many said they’d switched to matcha latte’s from coffee, so let’s hope they do the same with their body scrubs ;)



So, babes, it's time for you to take home a body scrub that the celebs are raving over:

Coconut + Peppermint

Matcha Body Scrub | 200g




Stay Bitchin'

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