Keep your summer glow over winter.

March 08, 2016

You've just spent months getting that sun-kissed glow only to have cool weather dull it down? I don't think so. 

Share a drink

Pretty much the first thing anyone will tell you is DRINK WATER! and lots of it. Skin gets dehydrated during the cooler months and as soon as it does, the first thing to go is that plump, dewy texture. You've been warned! 

Enjoy real food

I love winter foods. Hot chips. Yep. Pizza. Sounds good. Problem is, your body doesn't like them (even if your brain said they do, thats another story). It has to get rid of the junk and the only way to do that is, yep, you guessed it, through the pores in your skin (cue: red, sore pimples). Switch to organic foods that are made using real ingredients - ingredients you know the names of and watch the difference. 

Hit the Yoga mat

I could say hit the gym, but babe, Yoga all the way. It doesn't just tone and lengthen muscles, but helps release toxins from the body and helps clear the mind (take if from a stress-head like me). Bonus for doing this 4-6 times a week for 20 min. 

Switch your makeup to natural and organic

Sometimes' a gal's just gotta put a little makeup on. But putting over 80 chemicals on your skin, all day, everyday, some of those known to be toxic and linked to cancer. Babe, switch now. Now now now! Not only are natural minerals better for your skin, they also give you that natural radiant, glow-y complexion. 

Use a natural ingredient face wash

Avoid artificial fragrances and products containing Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Sodium Laureate Sulfate as they dry out the skin and are one of the main reasons you get oily skin. 

Remove dead skin cells

Nothing says 'dull' like dead skin cells covering your body. Buff these away using my matcha body scrub and remove dirt and grime from pores. Aim for 2 - 3 sessions a week. 

Don't forget the sSPF sunscreen

While I provide some protection from UV with matcha, it's still important to pop some sunscreen on if your going to be out for more than 5 minutes in the sun. UV breaks down the skin cells which lead to wrinkles. 

Moisturise those lips

Keep lips soft and supple by gently buffing me over them 2 - 3 times a week and then follow with a natural lip moisturiser. Coconut oil is great in a pinch. 

See you in the shower, 

bitchinskin xx

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