The Post-Sweat Scrub Up!

November 07, 2016

This one’s for all my active babes who love to get their sweat on! We all know the benefits of a hardcore workout – but did you know they can also wreak havoc on your beautiful skin? Don’t worry babe, think of me like your new PT (Pretty Trainer). I’ve got your back with some tips to keep that post-workout glow from turning into pimples and blocked pores!

No Touchy! While you’re getting your sweat on, your pores like to open on up. Gyms aren’t the cleanest of places (you’ve seen all those smelly boys!), so you might transfer bacteria from equipment to your pores. Make sure you’ve got a clean gym towel to wipe that sweat away. 

Be gentle - It may feel great to literally scrub off a tough workout, but you don’t want to overdo it! While your pores are still open, your skin is pretty sensitive, and exfoliating too harshly will do more damage than good. 

You’re hot enough - Try to avoid super-hot showers – hot water can actually strip the skin of its vital, natural oils. Have a short lukewarm shower instead.

More than just a pretty face - Your whole body sweats, not just your face. It’s a no-brainer to cleanse your face after the gym, what about your body? That’s where I come in - we can scrub away that sweaty yoga sesh together, and get your skin ready for brunch with your girl squad.

Did you know that peppermint is a great post-workout muscle soreness reliever?Cool hey?

Moisturise - Scrubbing with me will leave your skin soft and moisturised, but sometimes we all need a little extra help. You lose tonnes of water from your skin when you work out, so you may need a little extra moisture – slather it on girl!

Water, water, water! - Drinking water during a workout is obvious, but you’ve gotta keep sipping afterwards to replenish and rehydrate. This is super important for keeping your skin bitchin'.

The great outdoors  - Outdoor workout? Don’t forget the SPF! We all lust after that gorgeous bronze glow, but fake it til’ you make it babe – sun damage isn’t a good look.

So hit that treadmill girl, and show the rest of the gym how a bitchinskin’ babe does it. They won’t scrub up like you do xx 




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